Build Your Career with Us

Join our vibrant community of banking and microfinance professionals ready to help you attain the height of your career.

We always go an extra mile to source the best of talents in order to give our customers utmost satisfaction. Our People are highly trained, intelligent, energetic, multilingual, multicultural and of outstanding integrity. We run a very transparent recruitment process enabling us to hire the best in the market at all times. In our hiring process, we also ensure that we source only for people who are the best in what we do and are willing to adhere with rigor to our organizational culture and core values.

Building Your Career with Us

We give our people the opportunity to grow geometrically in their careers by exposing them to a wide range of training opportunities linked to relevant areas of our core business. Our Performance Management System is quite transparent and is strictly based on meritocracy with the best of our people being given the opportunity to face bigger business challenges and take up bigger responsibilities.

Our People Philosophy

We recruit graduates across disciplines who share our vision and are ready and willing to make it their mission. We greatly value diversity in our workforce and are an equal opportunity employer. We therefore encourage all qualified candidates to apply for any advertised vacancies.

Life with us

Our employees are our most valuable asset and this explains why we go an extra mile to ensure that we are an employer of choice to anyone eligible to live our vision. At the recruitment level, we implement our people philosophy resolutely by ensuring that we get only the best hired and after recruitment, we ensure that our working environment is conducive so as to get the best out of our people at all times.  These we do to ensure that customers (the centre of our business) get the best value for their money while finding our community exceedingly friendly and welcoming.

Open Positions

Branch Managers

We are currently looking for Branch Managers for our envisaged new ultra-modern branches to provide leadership and equally be responsible for business and operational performance.
Bilingual (English and French) individuals with minimum 3 years of management experience from banking or microfinance institutions are ideal for this role.

Branch Operations Managers

We are currently looking for Branch Operations Managers for our envisaged new branches. Bilingual (English and French) individuals with 2+ years of experience managing operational teams in microfinance or banking institutions are ideal for this role.

Relationship Officer

We are currently seeking Relationship Officers to join our sale teams at our ultra modern Bonamoussadi and Bali branches in Douala.

Customer Service Officers

An exciting role for front facing individuals with a strong passion for interacting and serving customers. Basic understanding of banking operations is required and individuals must be bilingual in English and French.

Head Tellers

Do you have passion for Tellering with at least 2+ years of experience managing tellers? This is an ideal role for you with remarkable career growth opportunities.


A very exciting role for individuals who have a strong passion for serving and interacting with customers while at the same time staying focused on their key role which is receiving and paying out cash. A perfect starting point for individuals interested in following the operations route in a microfinance institution.

Daily Mobile Cash Collector

An exciting role for individuals who enjoy working as tellers on the field while at the same time developing their sales skills to eventually become Relationship Officers. An ideal role for individuals who are highly customer-centric and who are passionate about developing petit-trading.

Sales Representatives

Looking forward to building a career in sales? Why not join our vibrant community today as a sales representative. This is a unique opportunity with remarkable career growth opportunities.

Branch IT Officers

Looking forward to building your IT technical skills in a leading Microfinance institution? Then you are at the right place.
You will be at the forefront in supporting all aspects of the IT systems and services.
Additionally, the role includes responsibility for ensuring the security and integrity of IT operations and systems development in accordance with the institution’s strategic IT plan.