This account is highly recommended for civil servants and employees on a permanent contract at various large local corporate and multinational institutions who have already domiciled their salaries in other financial institutions. Account holders can benefit from loans and salary advances.


  • SPESA STANDARD: Salary less than 300,000 FCFA
  • SPESA GOLD: Salary equal to or above 300,000 FCFA


Minimum Account Opening Amount: A cheque corresponding to the minimum desired monthly deposit not less than FCFA 300,000 (SPESA GOLD) or 100,000 (SPESA STANDARD)
Account opening fee: 3,000 FCFA (SPESA STANDARD) – 10,000 FCFA (SPESA GOLD)
Account maintenance fee: 1,200 CFA (SPESA STANDARD) – FCFA 3,000 + VAT (SPESA GOLD)
Checkbook: 25 or 50 sheets (FCFA 2,500 – FCFA 5,000)
Minimum Balance: 0,00 CFA


  • Flexible and easy to open
  • Possibility of obtaining a loan and salary advance after three months
  • Possibility of obtaining up to XAF 5,000,000 consumer credit (FISPELO-SPESA GOLD) or XAF 2,500,000 (FISPELO-SPESA STANDARD) over 06 to 24 months and a salary advance (FISPAA) up to 50% of the monthly salary.
  • Possibility of benefiting from a back-to-school loan (FIBATSLO) repayable within 10 months

Account opening requirements

  • 2 passport-size photos
  • A copy of national identification
  • Proof of income (payslip, professional badge, employment contract, etc.)
  • Proof of address (Site map or utility bill – electricity, water or telephone)
  • Taxpayers’ Number

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